Balanced lifestyle

Nova Matadorka is an up-and-coming urban district that capitalizes on the natural balance between history and innovation, urban life and privacy, community and intimacy. Nova Matadorka is a new address for those who seek upscaling housing, place to work, do some sport or those longing for rich cultural and social life. The gates are open to people of all ages and lifestyles who wish to live in the former industrial areas of Petržalka.


The first apartments in Nova Matadorka are coming soon

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a dialogue with history

Smaltovna is the pilot project of Nova Matadorka combining the industrial feel with the warmth of living space. The old and new - the industrial history and modern lifestyle transcendent the time and create a space worth living in.

Smaltovna is a combination of the original industrial parts of buildings and new constructions. Apart from urban housing, Smaltovna opens the original industrial space to the general public. The project will breathe new life to the long-abandoned premises that will become lively and busy once again.

Colorful life in Smaltovna

We designed the cozy squares and alleys of Smaltovna in such a way as to create a safe and lively place where people would love to spend their time. Thanks to shops, services and cafés with terraces, the streets will come alive throughout the day, creating many opportunities for meetings - from business lunches and lectures to family breakfasts and nights out with friends.

In addition to housing units, there is also space for offices, temporary housing and a community center. This variety will help the place achieve an authentic urban atmosphere where you never go bored.


A tribute to industrial tradition

Nova Matadorka is being built in an area soaked in rich industrial heritage. Here you will find, for example, the largest reinforced concrete hall in Austria-Hungary from the beginning of the 20th century, as well as typical industrial brick halls with shed and double-arched roofs.

Photo: Tomáš Benedikovič

In order to preserve the vibe of the old Matadorka, we teamed up with architects from the civic association Čierne diery. As a result, we were able to preserve the reinforced concrete structure of the original double hall for enamelling vessels from 1908, but also parts of the brick facades and structures of the metal pickling halls. Thanks to insights of industrial monuments enthusiasts, we were able to preserve the unique industrial character of Nova Matadorka.


Nova Matadorka:
a neighbourhood open to everyone

Smaltovna is only the first chapter of a new, bigger story. The coming years will witness a rise of a completely new urban district, a safe and lively space for living, working, sports, relaxation and culture. The district will make use of the former industrial premises (more than 10 hectares). The openness, sustainability and versatility are the main pillars of the project.

Nova Matadorka stands on a simple idea – to let people enjoy time spent outdoors. The entire neighbourhood is designed as a car-free zone so that parents can let their children play in the street without worry and seniors can enjoy peaceful walks. Maximum comfort for pedestrians and cyclists alike is ensured by variety of features all of which are within walking distance.

The district offers many opportunities not only for sports and active leisure time, but also social and cultural life. Wide sidewalks, high-quality bike paths, as well as a number of sustainable ecological and micromobility elements in the streets and in buildings will ensure a pleasant microclimate of unmatched quality.


Everything you need is within reach

Easy availability of public transport, the train station Petržalka and popular bike paths. It just takes a few minutes to arrive in the city center. The Danube’s banks and surrounding nature offer great spots to walk around and relax. Historical monuments are just around the corner. The good news is that the new district is being connected to planned and existing bike paths public transport in the direction of the city as we speak.


The people with
the city in their hearts

The Nova Matadorka has come into being thanks to the OXIO development team and the architectural studio Compass Architekti.

Compass Architects

We are specialists in urban planning, architecture and urban development. We stand behind several age-defining urban projects that shape the future face of Bratislava. Our sensitive approach to public space and revolutionary ideas made modern urban living in Bratislava what it is.


Each project we design must meet one crucial criterion – it must be a good place to live. Every detail receives attention it really deserves. When developing cities and localities, we mainly rely on high-quality architecture. That is why we work only with those who emphasize not only quality and creativity, but also have a keen eye for detail and think outside the box.